Spanish Classes & Courses

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Olon is the ideal place to Study Spanish

Relaxing & Quiet, ideal for Stuying!

In Olon, there are 2 Spanish School, the best of them is called Outdoor Ecuador. They have several teachers, and can give personal or group courses for every level. Alternatively, the Montañita Spanish School offers a wide arrange of Courses too, with highly qualified teachers and groups starting every week of the year. Wherever you end up studying at, your homework and practice is best done in the tranquil atmosphere of beautiful Olon. No distractions, just you, your study and the ocean's breeze!

Another option is getting private classes in the privacy of your own Studio here at Rincón d'Olón. Of course, you can also use the huge roof terrace to enjoy a nice view and breeze! We have several private teachers we can hire for you.

Alternatively, we can also arrange for you to do an Intercambio (exchange) with a Native Spanish Speaker here in Olon! That is completely free of charge, but you will have to help them with their English! A great way to take advantage of both your knowledge and theirs, as an addition to a course, or just to practice a bit!

Rincón d'Olón can book a class, private teacher or entire course for you, just send us a message to make your reservation!

Other locations near Olon include:

Oloncito, Olon Beach & Ventura Resort (Urbanizations)

Sanctuario de Olon
Church and Boarding School located on top of the famous Montañita rock

Cascadas de Olon
In the rainy season

Cascadas de Dos Mangas
All year long

Dos Mangas Nature Reserve

La Cura de Santa Maria del Fiat
Boarding School that sells Cured Meats & Pastries

Colegio Agricultural de Olon
High-school that grows a nice variety of traditional and local plants