Complimentary Mini-Bar Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olon, Ecuador's #1 Beach 7
May 21, 2018 0 By Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón Team

All our Rooms come with a Complimentary Mini-Bar in the form of a small Refrigerator, a Water-cooker and we've supplied you with some Complimentary Refreshments to Enjoy your Stay in Olon. Tea, Coffee, Bottled water, Sodas and Chocolates are always included!

Would you like some Fruits? Go up to the Roof Terrace at any time, we always have some apples and bananas presented for your convenience!Our copious Breakfast Buffet has already set you up with at least 7 fruits to start the day with!

Our mini-fridges have a small freezer compartment. That's ideal for keeping your purchases frozen. Do you want to Freeze something from start? Please feel free to use the top part of our Honor-System Beer-fridge.

There, you can also find Ice-cubes in their trays! Do you want to make sure your Ice Cubes are made of Filtered Water? Then, please do make them yourself in the same fridge.

Do try and keep everything clean, and let us know if you encounter any problems!