Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón welcomes you to Olón!

We're at your service also via Whatsapp & Phone: +593 (0)991 224 223

Your Room or Studio in Olón, Ecuador includes: HD-TV, WiFi, A/C & Ceiling Fan, Modern Bathrooms, Orthopedic BedsComplimentary Mini-Bar
We offer Plenty of Amenities & Facilities, Competitive Rates and Long-Stay Discounts. Enjoy our fun Pool, Gym, BBQ, Boardgames, &c!

Our Breakfast Buffet (8.30-10am) includes Fruits, Artisan Breads, Juice, Eggs, Ham, Cheese, French Press Coffee, &tc.

In Olon, there are Plenty of Activities! Ideally situated for Trips to Isla de la PlataWhale WatchingLos Frailes Beach Agua Blanca
Enjoy White & Sandy BeachesGreen & Pristine Hillsides, Tours & Trips, Luxuries & Comforts,  Gastronomy & Best-in-Class Service.
We're #1 on TripAdvisor & Booking.com with a 9.5/10 from 500+ Reviews. We'll try to make Your Holidays as Perfect as Possible.