Kitchenette Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olon, Ecuador's #1 Beach 4
May 22, 2018 0 By Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón Team

Our StudiosFamily Studios and the Beach Villas all come with a fully equipped Kitchenette! You will have everything you need to cook any meal, make juice or cocktails or just to heat up your left-overs.

A powerful Blender, handy Electric Oven, Gas or Induction Cooking Plates, a Fridge and Water-cooker, all the utensils, plates, cups, glasses, bottle-openers and more: It's all there for you!

If you are going to use our Big BBQ in the garden, please let us know, so we can give you the full set of utensils to use there. Most of the time we have a bag or two of Charcoal laying around the Grill, but our neighbors sell big bags for just 50cts!

Do you have special wishes or demands?
Let us know and we'll find a solution, our team at Rincón d'Olón is here at your service.