Bring your Pets & Children!

We're more than Happy to receive your entire Family: including your Children, Grand-Children & Bring your Pets, too!

Please be aware we do expect you to watch over them, make sure they're always by your side and don't do damages to the Rooms & Grounds, and are Clean and that the Noise is kept to a minimum, especially at night.

Do you deserve a little break? Ask us for a Pet- and/or Baby-sitter; local girls are more than happy to help you out for an afternoon or night!

Our 2 Little Dogs

Olon and Rincón d'Olón have a few cats walking around. They are very much appreciated for their affection and playfulness. Also, they take care of any kind of plagues and help make sure there won't be any barking dogs near the parking lot!

Our cats are called Lucy (the mom) and Susy and they are healthy, well-fed cats. If you have any problem with cats in the garden (they NEVER come in ANY room except the reception area), please do let us know. We will gladly keep them inside for a few days for your (or your kids/pets) convenience!