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May 26, 2018 0 By Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón Team

Our Rooms & Studios are outfitted with the Highest Quality Air Conditioners by LG & TCLWe always make sure they are cleaned regularly (every 9-12 months). That means they are in the best possible state, giving you a fresh breeze of air even on the Hottest Days in Olon. Your Room or Studio wil be at 16°C. within a few minutes!

All Air-conditioners at Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón are of the SPLIT type, with a seperate outdoor unit. That means there will me No Noise or Dripping or bother on the inside of your room, ever.

The A/C's are also very new, making sure there that are more Ecologically designed. They consume very little power compared to the old style (window) units. We always keep them all perfectly functional and always clean.

All of our Air Conditioners also have a Heating option! Do be aware this consumes a lot of power, so please use in moderation. The temperature can be set upto 26-28 degrees Celsius!

The Remote Controls of the A/C's have several advanced options, such as Timer, ECO, Pulse, Cool and more! This makes sure you can enjoy exactly the temperature, direction and amount of air and movement of your Room at Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón.

Of course, all of our Rooms & Studios also have a powerful and silent Ceiling Fan and big Doors & Windows with Screens. So, if you prefer to go without A/C and help the environment and your health even more, feel free to never turn the Air Conditioner on!

All of these and other Amenities make sure your room will be to your liking: always fresh & inviting and with everything you need to enjoy Olon's Beach, Forest, Tours and even the Montañita Nightlife! We like to make Your Holidays in Olon the best they can be.

Are you going to Olon and want your Olon Hotel to have Air Conditioners? Come to Apart-Hotel Rincón d'Olón. For bookings, please Contact us Directly or Click Here.